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It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that I acknowledge all the amazing people who have nurtured and supported me to stepping into the power and light that was always inside of me so I could give birth to this project, the first of many. Special mention includes Maria, Kathy, Greg, Melinda, Bec, Deanne, Shushila, Rachel, Alex, Jean, Neil, Mirtha, Ben, Chris, Catherine, Carola, Martin, The GM Band, Natalie and so many others. 

Big thanks to Michael Benhayon, who is brilliant and deeply inspiring and to Serge Benhayon, whose unwavering support and love is the stuff that made this album happen. Special mention also includes The Hierarchy, who provided the words that sang through my lips and the music that played through my piano fingers - from the depths of my heart: Thank You. And a final note is to me: Thank you Anita Czoch for finally saying yes and allowing the miracles to unfold.  


All Music and Lyrics Written by Anita Czoch

All Vocals and Harmonies Performed by Anita Czoch

All Vocals Recorded at Studio Sanat Kumara (Earthing The Sound Of God) Australia


All Music Produced, Arranged and Performed by Michael Benhayon

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Michael Benhayon – GM Records

All Music Recorded at GM Records Studio Australia


Executive Producers Serge Benhayon and The Hierarchy


Photography by Iris Pohl - InCoCreation

Album design and Layout by Kelly Benhayon – Kelly Designs

Website design by Martin Gladman - Martin Gladman Designs



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