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Anita Czoch - Freefalling Into Space

We have bodies and our bodies give us clear definable form. But our bodies also have divine particles that we can activate when we simply surrender, care for and deepen into them. As we do this we realise we are so much more than our bodies, we expand out and beyond, into space.

This spaciousness is delicious and liberating. It allows us to feel the grand love that the universe holds us in and that we are intricately a part of. When we begin to consistently live from this space we can then hold others in the grand love we are connected to, which is very beautiful indeed.   


In the deepest deep of night

When the moon is full and bright

I no longer hold it back

I surrender to the fact

That I am limitless

I am boundless 



And into The Light

So deep inside

I am freefalling

Into space

My arms are wide

Got nothing to hide

I am freefalling

Into space


In the waking hours of day

When the world comes out to play

The stillness within my being

Is the song my heart will sing

And I finally see

What it means…to be free


Chorus repeated

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