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Anita Czoch - The Angel Awakens

‘The Angel of The Presence’, which is the subject of this song, refers to a divine level of awareness where you feel your own heavenly being and exquisite multidimensional presence. It is deeply beautiful and equally accessible within each of us.


If you let your eyes truly see

And if you let your senses fully feel

And if you open wide your heart of hearts

And if you cast aside the mind that starts

You just might hear, you just might hear…

The sleeping angel is awakening…



The angel awakens

Alive and resplendent

And the flame that burnt so long ago

Is rising up to enflame the world

Angel is awakening

And heaven’s door

is beckoning

and beckoning…


And all that’s bright, and all that’s light

And all that’s boundless is reflected full with might

And all that’s twisted and does not belong 

Is broken down with sound within the song

‘Cause I have slept for a thousand years and more

But I’m awake now and I’ll sleep no more



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