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Anita Czoch - I AM THE LION

We may have walked in the shoes of the imposter and talked the talk of excuses and smallness but the undeniable truth is that inside all of us lives THE LION. 


THE LION is a metaphor for being the king, the master of one’s domain - fearless, magnificent, invincible. This is what we are, under the many layers of self-created blindness and wilful deafness.


THE LION is Soul. We are Soul.


So look instead into the mirror of your boundless heart and feel the depth of power when you surrender to the sacredness in your body and you will indeed meet THE LION in you. 


You only have to look into the mirror               

And you will see what you already feel

My growing presence is in your heartbeat

I’m in your touch and what your eyes reveal



‘Cause I am The Lion

That lives inside

I am the fire

That burns in the night

I am The Angel

Of Presence so true

I am the calling 

Of all that is you

All that is you, all that is you


I am here and I am returning

I am reclaiming all that is mine:

This heart, this life, this fearless might,

This sound that roars and sets the world alight




This is my time, I’m singing my rhyme

The floodgates won’t hold me back no more

Relinquishing all, all that ain’t mine 

And this time…

I’ll hold the flame

I’ll reclaim my name



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