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Anita Czoch - In The Stillness

It is a life-changing experience to come into contact with someone who truly inspires us through the way they role-model what truth, love and wisdom is. It is an opportunity to transform ourselves by reviewing the lovelessness we have been living and instead aligning with what we can sense to be a higher vibration.


This person becomes a point of great light for us that reflects what we truly are when we surrender to the stillness within, our inner temple. And this guides us to return to and reclaim ourselves. 


In the stillness of your reflection

The woman that I am is brought to reconnection

To a light that cannot be destroyed

To the power of her sacred joy




And in the stillness of your reflection

I can feel the love, and I can be that love,

The love…(the love)

I see in your reflection (ooh)



And you have been an inspiration

A heavenly revelation 

The beauty that’s alive in you

I know now it’s inside me too




Oooh babada…



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