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Anita Czoch - Sacred Woman

This world is so bereft of true reflections of Woman’s Sacredness. Women are taught to attain self-worth by looking outside of ourselves and by pleasing others with our appearance or our accomplishments. A woman’s worth, however, rests in her connection to her sacredness – what she knows to be true, as felt within her body, and what level of this truth she is prepared to live. This sacredness is innate and cannot be given to us or taken away. We, as women, can either deny our own sacredness or deeply reconnect with and claim what has always been inside of us, so precious and powerful. 


The past is a mirage

Of pictures that framed me

And words that shamed me

Lies that blamed me.

But they’re a cloak that I’ve outgrown 

It hid the fire of the great unknown

The time is ripe to plant new seeds

‘Cause I’m here to be heard and felt and seen



I am woman, sacred woman

I’m the blessed river that flows never-ending 

I’m the house of plenty that needs no defending

‘Cause I am woman, sacred woman

My eyes will haunt you with things remembered 

I am love: holy, untempered


And I’m letting go now

into the river of my soul

It is here that I belong 

To that sweet loving song

And it’s from this place that I make my sound

From this depth that I break new ground

From this light that I’m all of me

Breaking the chain, alive and so free




Inside of me

I have the hidden key

Alive in me

There is eternity

As I take my rightful place

In the journey of the human race

The world will finally see

The fire, the magic, of me



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